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Minutemen Travel Coaches – Resume needed

Minutemen Travel Coaches
Coaches interested in coaching in the Washington Township Youth Baseball Travel Organization must submit a resume between September 1st, 2017 and September 22nd, 2017. We’re looking for dedicated volunteer coaches that are interested in not only developing players skill sets but also dedicating themselves to the entire Washington Township Youth Baseball Program. If you’re looking to make an impact with the youth in our community and you have the skills, leadership, and/or baseball knowledge that you can share with the children of Washington Township, please see the details below.

Resumes MUST be sent electronically to the ALL of the following:
• Mike Schatzman – mschatzman@wtps.org
• Mike Rucci – rooch9@aol.com​
• Dennis Short – denshort51@aol.com​
• Sam Scimeca – Sammyscimeca@gmail.com​

Travel Coach Responsibilities:
• Help assist with tryouts
• Assist with player evaluation for specific age group
• Involvement in player selection during tryouts
• Attend 3 mandatory coaching clinics run by Mike Schatzman & Mike Rucci
• Attend and assist in 16 total Indoor Winter Workouts from January to February
• Schedule practices
• Schedule League games
• Schedule Tournaments
• Help maintain fields before and after use
• Provide a positive TEAM environment

Great Coach Qualities:
• Inspire their players to do more than they think they can
• Understanding that coaching goes far beyond strategies and drills
• Passionate about children, baseball, and developing young men
• Don’t allow egos and self worth get tied up in the outcome
• Understand individual differences in each player
• Challenge players to do better and push limits – MOTIVATE!
• Challenge yourself and coaching staff – ability to learn NEW things
• Coach the person, not just the baseball player
• Continuously looking for a better way to reach each player
• Communication is key – Two way street!
• Take the time to listen to and educate not only the players but also the parents
• Honest and conduct yourself with integrity
• Use player mistakes as opportunities to teach – NOT criticize
• Be open to feedback and criticism – within feedback are the seeds to becoming a better coach
• Modeling is the most powerful teaching tool – Walk the talk!
• Make Baseball FUN – find creative ways to integrate fun into what you do during the course of the year

Any questions, please contact Mike Schatzman at mschatzman@wtps.org.

Coaches, please make note which age group you’re interested in coaching in your resume.

Thank you!

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