WT Baseball is
Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Chartered




  SPRING  2020




Washington Twp Youth Baseball will hold tryouts for 2020 teams based on the schedule below.

Please pre-register by sending an email to twpminutemenbaseball@gmail.com with the following info:

  • player name
  • age group (spring of 2020 age group)
  • parents/guardians email
  • phone number


Please understand that the $100.00 deposit that will be given to the Washington Township Travel Baseball program will be only refunded according to these conditions.

  • Your child doesn’t make either team (A or B) in their age group.
  • Your child decides not to participate in the travel program before he is notified in any means of communication. (a coach’s phone call/Washington Township Baseball website)

Once the lists are posted or your child has been notified about being selected to a team, you will not receive your $100.00 deposit back, if your child chooses not to play for the team.If your son makes a team, the $100.00 will go towards their travel fees.

*The deposit rule is part of our Washington Township Baseball by-laws.

All players are expected to be at both tryout sessions. Please see the tryout schedule below. 

Tryout Schedule:

Date Day Age Group Time Field
10/13 Sunday 10u 5:00pm 3
10/13 Sunday 12u 5:00pm 7
10/13 Sunday 9u 6:45pm 3
10/14 Monday 8u 6:00pm 3
10/14 Monday 11u 6:00pm 7
10/14 Monday 13u 7:30pm 1
Date Day Age Group Time Field
10/20 Sunday 8u 5:00pm 3
10/20 Sunday 11u 5:00pm 7
 10/20 Sunday 14u 5:00 pm
10/20 Sunday 9u 6:45pm 3
10/21 Monday 10u 6:00pm 3
10/21 Monday 12u 6:00pm 7
10/21 Monday 14u 7:30pm 1

Please arrive 25 minutes early to register and warm-up prior to tryout.

All tryouts will be held at the: Washington Twp Baseball Complex at 316 Hurffville-Grenloch Rd Sewell.

Any questions regarding tryouts or our travel program, please contact our Travel Coordinators Chalie Rojas- chal.rojas08@gmail.comand Don Wigginton- coachwiggs21@gmail.com

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