WT Baseball is
Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Chartered

Summer Classic

Welcome to Washington Township’s annual Summer Classic B Tournament!

Location:  Washington Township Baseball Complex

Age Groups:  8U through 13U – B level teams only. All teams will be vetted to the best of our ability. Please don’t register if you are an A level team. Rosters must be submitted prior and no players can be added during tournament.

Tournament Age Based on April 30 2024 Date

Thursday, June 27 to Sunday, June 30 (Monday could be used due to weather or other circumstances)

Register on Tourney Machine: https://tourneymachine.com/E139340




8u: $490
9u & 10u: $500
11u & 12u: $575

13u: $620

REFUNDS: Partial refunds for less than 2 games played. If 2 or more games are played, no refund.

A player cannot be on two rosters playing in our tournament regardless of age group. If a player is double rostered they will not be allowed to play in our tournament.

Click here for WT Baseball Complex Map
316 Hurfville Grenloch Road
Sewell, NJ 08080

626 Hurffville Cross Keys Road
Sewell, NJ 08080


Each team is required to carry its own insurance and submit a certificate of insurance to Washington TWP Baseball prior to the beginning of the tournament. The certificate must include:

Township of Washington
523 Egg Harbor Rd, PO Box 1106
Turnersville, NJ 08012



All teams will play 2 games between Thursday and Saturday. Maximum of 3 balls per game provided.
Each age group will be seeded on Saturday night.
Sunday is single-elimination play.

Each team will be given one home and one away game through the first two games of the tournament.
Once re-seeded, the higher seed will be the home team.

*Schedule subject to change from weather and other uncertainties.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of rain, we will do everything within our power to make up games and stay as close to the original game schedule as possible. However, there may be circumstances in which we will need to deviate from the released schedule. If and when this occurs, we will use the following procedures as a guide:

If inclement weather or other scenarios forces a cancellation of game slots during pool play rounds; we may have to alter the brackets to complete the tournament. If an elimination game cannot be played, the team with the higher seed will advance.

Balls to be provided, however it is expected that all foul balls are returned to umpire. Please ensure your parents, fans etc… return all foul balls.



8u through 12u:  No new inning can start after 1 hour 45 min
13u – 18u:  No new inning can start after 2 hours.

If the home team is batting and they are in the lead when the time limit is reached, the game is declared over.
Pool play games can end in a tie, single elimination games must have a winner.
Championship games have no time limit.
First pitch is the start of the time limit to last out of an inning.

If a game runs past scheduled start of next game, start time should be no longer than 10 minutes after previous game finishes.

A game is considered official after 3 complete innings for 8U-12U and 4 complete innings for 13U and older. This may be modified if needed. If a game is suspended due to weather or other situations the game will be resumed as soon as possible. If the game is unable to be resumed the result will be based off of the last completed inning. If an inning is in progress the result will revert to the last completed inning, unless the home team is winning or took the lead in the bottom half of the inning when the game was called.



8u‐12u USA Stamp allowed

13u‐14u: BBCOR

17u-18u: BBCOR

Wooden bats are permitted, composite/hybrid wooden is not.


An illegal bat used in a game during a plate appearance and ball is hit in fair territory be counted as an out or the result of the play at the discretion of the defense.



  1. Best Record
  2. Head to Head (if only two teams are tied)
  3. Runs Allowed
  4. Fewest runs allowed in a single game
  5. Coin Flip

Run differential or runs scored does not factor into tie breakers.

**Please check standings (link provided) after last game on Saturday night for re-seeding schedule for each age group**


If three or more teams are tied with same record, the following will be used to break the tie:

If all tied teams did not play each other use normal tie breaker rules

If all three teams played each other use head-to-head results

If one team beat all of the other tied teams they will get the highest seed among the tied teams

Then use head to head results for remaining teams in tie

If all teams have the same record vs each other then least runs allowed will be used.



8u through 12u – 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings
13u & 14u – 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings



Teams must bat all players present and on their roster. Rosters must be submitted prior to play. No players can be added after tournament begins.
NO out taken if a player must leave the game providing the lineup does not go below nine players.
Free defensive substitution.

Roster size is 14 players max.


11u/12u – 1 warning per pitcher. A balk warning is a dead ball.
13u – 18u – no warnings given
The fake to third, throw to first pick off move will NOT BE allowed.



8u – 2 innings max per pitcher per game.
9U-12U 3 innings max per game.
13U and older do not have limits on innings pitched, however should follow pitch smart guidelines found here: https://www.mlb.com/pitch-smart/pitching-guidelines.

One pitch is considered one inning pitched.

Team is allowed two mound visits per inning by coach, second visit and pitcher must be replaced. Mound visit must be less than one minute. Also once a pitcher is removed they cannot pitch again in the same game. BE SMART & RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR PLAYERS ARMS.



With 2 outs, required for your catcher. Please have a coach ready to warm up your pitcher between innings if your catcher is getting his gear on.



Speed up rule – The pitcher or manager may inform the umpire their intention to walk the batter to first base. Pitches do not have to be thrown



No slash bunts/butcher boys at any age group. Batter is called out if this occurs.



Umpires discretion on malicious contact. Slide or veer if defensive player in possession of ball on a force play at 2B (direct into bases on slides). No blocking of a base by defensive players, both runner and defensive player should seek to avoid a collision. If, in the judgment of the umpire, contact is intentional and avoidable, player ejection may occur.
No headfirst slides 8U-10U except when going back to bag from less than half way to next base. A warning will be given for head first slide.
Head first slides accepted at 11U and up except at home, must be feet first. However, player can touch home with hand as long as it is a feet first slide. A warning will be given for head first slide. 13U and older head first is aloud, but not recommended at home.



These games are just that, GAMES. We checked with MLB and the NCAA, they aren’t sending scouts or coaches out. Inappropriate behavior from coaches, spectators and parents simply will not be tolerated. If any adult is ejected from a game, whether a coach or parent, that individual will be banned from the complex for the remainder of the tournament. There is no appeals process. The judgment of the umpires and the Washington Twp Tournament Committee as to what constitutes inappropriate behavior is final.



Three outs or maximum 5 runs per inning. No runs beyond 5 will be scored unless a home run over the fence. In that situation, all runs scored will count. There will be unlimited runs in the designated last inning which must be determined by both coaches/umpire before a new inning can start.


Maximum 5 steal attempts per inning. No delayed steals.
No head first sliding – if this occurs a warning will be given.
Runners may not steal home. Runners may not score on a passed ball or wild pitch. Since a runner can not advance to home unless moved by batter there is no pickoff at third.
If runners are on first and third, and a play is made at second base on a steal, the runner from third may not advance.
If a play is made on a runner stealing third on a wild pitch, the runner may not advance to home.


Bunting is allowed
Fake bunting is prohibited.
If a batter fakes a bunt and pulls back and swings at the pitch, the batter will be called out.
Jiggling the bat around, offering to bunt and pulling back on every pitch will result in the batter being called out.


The defense stops the runner.
The lead runner stops (all following runners are considered stopped).
The runner does not make an effort to advance.
If the pitcher has the ball and is on the mound the play is declared dead.
Once a runner turns back to his original base, he can not advance unless in a run down; however, lead runners may continue to the base they are headed for when a defensive play is being made.
With bases loaded, there cannot be a pickoff attempt of a runner at first base.


Overthrows will not count as steal attempts.
All runners may advance if a pitcher, catcher or any other fielder makes a play at a base that results in an overthrow (with the exception of third base by a catcher and when the bases are loaded and a play at first or second base after the pitch has been made).
A “bad” throw from the catcher to the pitcher will not be deemed an overthrow.


2 innings max per pitcher per game.



All other rules not covered here will be based on Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Baseball.

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