WT Baseball is
Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Chartered

Team Fundraising Procedure

Washington Township Baseball has incorporated the following procedure for team fundraising into it’s by laws.  These procedures have been approved by the Baseball Advisory Board (BAB).

  • Team fundraisers will be used for raising money for team tournaments.  
  • Teams will fill out a BAB Fundraiser Request Form (posted below) and send to Jeff Watson (jmw.chem@gmail.com).
  • The BAB will then vote to approve the proposed team fundraiser.
  • Teams will be notified by the BAB once the fundraiser has been approved.
  • Team fundraisers are not allowed to take place at a location where a baseball program fundraiser is being held.  Team fundraisers are not to be used in conjunction with a program fundraiser due to conflict of interest.

Go Fund Me and similar fundraisers will be allowed, upon BAB approval, only for week long tournaments like Cooperstown, Ripken Myrtle Beach, etc.  Currently only ages 12 and up are eligible for these type fundraisers.  Please note, there are tax implications associated with these fundraisers so make sure you research before using these.  The Washington Twp BAB is not responsible for any taxes that may arise from using these type of fundraisers.

Washington Twp Baseball Advisory Board Fundraiser Request Form