WT Baseball is
Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Chartered

WT Baseball Thanks You!

WT Baseball would like to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, and supporters over the years and to the present. Most recently we would like to thank the WT Rotary, their current donation provided steel doors on one of our field buildings and along with their help we are able to run our Phillies raffle.  We would also like to thank Kramco and Shawn Kraemer for providing the new steps along the Field 7 parking lot.

Without everyone’s help with fundraising and contributions we would not be able to make any improvements to the complex or school fields. Over the past years we have added a new field with lights, materials for school field improvements, purchased field improvement equipment and most recently made repairs to existing buildings along with replacing field boxes and sheds.
Future improvements over the next several years include field and building renovations, and plans for a small pavilion at the complex, without everyone’s support we wouldn’t be able to make any improvements. Everyone at one point during their baseball career will benefit from the contributions made to the program. Once again thank you to everyone for their support to WT Baseball.
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