WT Baseball is
Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Chartered

Baseball Complex Updates

As many surely have noticed, further improvements are ongoing at the baseball complex. Work is clearly underway to pave both sides of the complex. The updated parking lots will have new striping and clearly marked direction arrows to improve traffic flow. The carefully planned layout should also allow for more parking spaces throughout the complex.






A new guardrail has been installed along field 3 providing a much safer barrier between the road and the field.

Additionally, the Township has accepted bids and will begin work to replace all fencing at the complex that was not repaired last year. The new fencing plan will include a new batting cage near fields 4, 5, and 7. This is a major project that will greatly enhance the safety and aesthetics around all baseball fields. We have ordered 2 new wireless scoreboards to be installed at fields 1 & 4.

Additional Planned Improvements:

  • Press box repairs to be completed on all complex fields
  • Several sheds will be repaired or replaced
  • New spray tank and spreader to be used for field applications
  • New equipment will be available for all fields (rakes, tampers, tarps, etc.)

The WT Baseball Board remains hard at work pursuing funding to continue implementation of the improvements at the Baseball Complex and our school fields. Thanks to sponsors, fund raising efforts, and funds allocated from an open space grant, and the Township these significant projects are well underway and will continue until the start of another busy and exciting season at the facilities.

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